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From the vibrant summer evenings to the enveloping atmospheres of Easter in the City and the Autumn Festival, each season in Lugano reveals a unique chapter of culture. But if your passion is nightlife, explore the clubs and events that transform the city into a party stage, offering non-stop entertainment until the sun rises!

A year in Lugano

Experience an unforgettable year in Lugano. Immerse yourself in its events and don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city through its cultural events.

Every week

Discover the magic of the markets, where tradition and innovation merge, creating an unmissable appointment! Every week you can visit the food and flower market and the antiques and crafts market.



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A year in Lugano: live unforgettable experiences and discover the magic of Ticino tradition!

Festa 1 gennaio Lugano


Every 1st January, Lugano turns into an explosive party to welcome the New Year! At 11.00 a.m., an enthralling procession takes off from Piazza della Riforma, enthusiastically leading to the Palazzo dei Congressi. Here, in a whirlwind of merriment, the exchange of greetings takes place, enriched by breathtaking artistic and musical performances. In his speech, the Mayor will catapult you through the successes of the past year and the exciting goals for the future. An unforgettable experience to start the year in the right festive spirit!

On 6th January, immerse yourself in the magic of the Three Kings with the Officers’ Riding Club! Melchior, Balthasar and Gaspar will parade in an enchanting procession through the streets of the city centre. Refreshing drinks and succulent mandarins will be distributed in Piazza della Riforma, creating a unique Christmas experience. An unmissable event that closes the festivities with a note of spectacle and tradition, making the passing of the Three Kings through our enchanting city unforgettable.

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Carnevale Lugano


The Carnival Festival in Lugano is an explosion of colours, music and merriment that captures the festive essence of the season. During this enthralling event, the city center is transformed into a kingdom of masks, elaborate costumes and lively performances. Lugano’s streets and squares are animated by parades of allegorical floats and masked groups, providing a unique visual spectacle. Carnival traditions blend with modern creativity, creating an infectious atmosphere of fun.

During this period, Lugano also organizes the second-hand market: a market designed to promote the recovery of objects that are no longer used, but which are still functional and in good condition. Discover the hidden treasures and join the adventure of recovery!

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Check the Meet-up page to discover the calendar of upcoming university events.

Check the Lugano Eventi platform to discover the events of the day.

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During the Easter festivities, the heart of the city comes alive with a programme full of entertainment and activities, transforming the streets and squares into an explosion of joy. A unique opportunity to celebrate Easter together and welcome spring.

From two wheels to new emotions, this month also sees the seventh edition of Lugano Bike Emotions, from 5 to 7 April 2024, promising an unprecedented bicycle festival. The epicentre of the action will be a vast Expo that will come to life in Piazza Manzoni and on the lakeside, where renowned brands will present their latest innovations, welcoming all fans of this exciting world of two wheels and more. A unique experience to explore the beauty of cycling and experience limitless emotions!

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Festa dei vicini Lugano


The Lugano Neighbourhood Festival is a unique opportunity to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, discover new friendships and strengthen existing ties, making the city’s social fabric even more cohesive and supportive.

Between May and June, this initiative transforms the concept of neighbourhood into a shared and positive community experience!

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Lugano Marittima


Experience the magic of an authentic village overlooking the lake with Lugano Marittima! During the entire summer season, the picturesque Foce del Cassarate transforms into an enchanting “maritime” lido, where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere with wooden fittings, white tents, captivating music and an irresistible selection of drinks and food from the 6 kiosks present.

Open from 25th May to 27th August, Lugano Marittima becomes the ideal place to experience moments of pure relaxation in the company of family and friends. Enjoy the lake breeze, treat yourself to culinary delicacies and let yourself be lulled by the sweet melody of summer life. An oasis of pleasure that turns every day into an unforgettable holiday just a stone’s throw from the lake!

In May as well, Lugano organizes the second-hand market: a market designed to enhance the recovery of objects that are no longer used, but which are still functional and in good condition. Discover hidden treasures and join the adventure of recovery!

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Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Lugano LongLake Festival, a multi-sensory experience celebrating musical diversity every night! Protagonists of the international, Swiss and local scene perform in unforgettable concerts, enriched by free entertainment: theater, cabaret, lectures and family events.

With thematic markets and street food delicacies, the festival transforms Lugano into a vibrant stage. The programme ranges from Estival Jazz, Lugano Buskers and LAC en plein air, offering no less than 17 days of free events on various stages set up in the city’s green and urban spaces.

Choose your favourite thematic strand from music, street, family, and words, and get ready to experience the contagious energy of a festival that captures the heart of Lugano with every note and animation!

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The celebration of the National Day on 1st August is a beloved occasion by the people of Lugano and represents a unifying and reflective moment. The traditional programme starts early in the morning, with the Luganese Tamburini playing the diana in the city center. In the late evening, the programme ends with the majestic fireworks display on the lake, which attracts thousands of tourists to the city.

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September marks the start of the new university semester! Explore your university’s pages to discover exciting welcome events. From course presentations to social activities, get ready for a semester full of opportunities and connections!

With the start of the new season, get your good resolutions ready to participate in Lugano’s exciting sporting events! Sportissima takes place every year on the second Sunday in September and promotes and encourages physical activity; while Walking Lugano offers a variety of walking and Nordic walking routes, suitable for both beginners and experts.

FInd out more on Learn Lugano Sport page!

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Festa d'autunno Lugano


Between late September and early October, don’t miss the traditional Autumn Festival

You will be able to discover the typical popular gastronomy, taste excellent Ticino wines in the “grottini”, in the streets of the historic centre and in the local restaurants, as well as stroll among the stalls and do some shopping. The town centre will also be enlivened by the traditional music proposed by folkloric groups, which will provide a unique musical background and entertainment for the whole family.

In October, the  also takes place “Lugano’s Plan ₿ Forum“: the flagship Bitcoin conference that brings together global leaders, technologists and entrepreneurs to explore Bitcoin adoption, economics, financial freedom and freedom of expression. Join the two-day conference for keynotes, panel discussions and enlightening masterclasses.

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Salone iViaggiatori Lugano


All Saints’ Day: take a break from university studies and immerse yourself in the experiences Lugano has to offer! From sporting moments to cultural events, from meet-ups to recreational activities, November is the perfect month to explore and enjoy the best of the city!

In November, the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition, presented by iViaggiatori, invites you to a unique experience of discovery of tourist destinations around the world. From Europe to Africa, Asia to the Americas and Oceania, explore a broad spectrum of cultures, landscapes and travel opportunities!

Finally, don’t miss the Bold Brain events! Attend their engaging meetings, innovative workshops and exclusive networking opportunities. Connect with brilliant minds and share your ideas!

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Natale in piazza Lugano


From 1st December to 7th January, Lugano transforms into an enchanting Christmas kingdom, bringing the magic of Christmas back into our lives! At the center of it all, the enchanting decorated tree in Piazza della Riforma will be the perfect setting for an extraordinary adventure. Christmas markets will enchant the streets of the center with their unique offerings, while gastronomy will delight the most demanding palates. The city comes alive with live music, entertainment and festive Christmas decorations, culminating in the eagerly awaited New Year’s Eve Party on the square. 

Get ready for an explosion of festivity and warmth in Loreto-Centro on 20th December! The Neighbourhood Commission, together with the Elementary Schools, the fantastic CRAI shop and the Emmy residence, enthusiastically invite you to the atmospheric Loreto Elementary School Square. Delight yourself with Christmas delicacies, such as panettone, sparkling prosecco and a selection of chocolates and hot tea. An unmissable opportunity to share joy, good food and a festive atmosphere with our fantastic community!

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Lugano's markets

Every week, the heart of the city comes alive with the colourful and lively food and flower market, which stretches along the charming streets of Via Carducci, the historic Piazza San Rocco and the charming Via Canova. 

A not-to-be-missed event for those wishing to immerse themselves in a sensory experience amidst floral scents and culinary delights.

  • Tuesday 7.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m. (street food until 2.30 p.m.)
  • Friday 7.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m. (street food until 2.30 p.m.)


The antiques and handicrafts market is held every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. around the Quartiere Maghetti, in Via Canova, Via Vegezzi and Piazza San Rocco.

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Every week, the food and flower market takes place in the streets of Via Carducci, the  historic Piazza San Rocco and the charming Via Canova. 

An unmissable event for those who wish to immerse themselves in a sensory experience amidst floral scents and culinary delights.

  • ma 7.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m. (street food until 2.30 p.m.)
  • Fri 7.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m. (street food until 2.30 p.m.)

In Lugano, there are numerous unmissable events offering unique and engaging experiences. Some of these include:

  • Easter in the City: An Easter event offering entertainment, markets, and festivities in the centre of Lugano.
  • Festa dei Vicini: An initiative that promotes closeness among residents, transforming neighbourhoods into places for celebrating and sharing.
  • Lugano Long Lake Festival: A multidisciplinary summer event with concerts, street performances, thematic markets and culinary delights along the lake.
  • Autumn Festival: A festival celebrating autumn with local gastronomy, wine tasting, stalls and entertainment in the city centre.
  • Natale in Piazza: A charming Christmas market that transforms the city centre into a festive atmosphere with stalls, lights and Christmas entertainment.

Discover all the other events in Lugano on the Lugano Region website.


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