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Explore the magic of Lugano, where nature blends harmoniously with lush parks, the serene waters of the lake and an intricate network of hiking trails. Discover the perfect mix of serenity and hiking adventures that will lead you to breathtaking views and new perspectives.


Explore nature in true Swiss style in Lugano’s parks! Immerse yourself in lush gardens, strolling among centuries-old trees and breathtaking landscapes.

Hiking Trails

Lugano is surrounded by a beautiful natural setting and offers several options for hikers. Plan your next excursion and immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of Lugano!

Lake of Lugano

Surrounded by picturesque villages and breathtaking natural settings, the lake offers a haven of serenity and beauty, inviting you to relax and explore. Discover the activities you can do to enjoy unique cultural experiences!

Lugano's parks: a plunge into urban nature!

Parco Ciani

The Ciani Park, a true green oasis in the heart of the city, exerts an irresistible charm on locals and tourists alike. Recognised as one of the most beautiful parks in Switzerland, its enviable location on the shores of the lake makes it an unmissable destination!

Parco Villa Saroli

Parco di Villa Saroli

The Villa Saroli Park becomes an enchanting botanical jewel in the heart of the city, where its varied flora transports us on an exotic journey through subtropical vegetation. A unique experience to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of this precious heritage!

Parco Tassino Lugano

Parco Tassino

Discover Parco Tassino, an enchanting, sun-kissed haven of peace next to the Lugano railway station. Covering an area of 21,000 square metres, this green paradise enchants with its lush flora. Follow the wide avenues that wind along the slope, leading up to the top of the hill, and let yourself be enveloped by the beauty of this corner of serenity in the city.

Parco San Michele Lugano

Parco San Michele

Hidden in the green hills of Castagnola, on the slope of Monte Bré, Parco San Michele is a treasure that reveals Lugano’s most fascinating panoramic view. Explore its enchanted paths through typical southern vegetation embracing wisteria, oleanders, oaks, elms, hornbeams, ash trees and laurels.

Parco Villa Florida Lugano

Parco Villa Florida

Nestled in the heart of the Loreto district, the Villa Florida Park, embraced by palaces, ancient villas and historic hotels, stretches over 5,350 square metres along the gentle slope that touches the lakefront. This enchanted oasis, romantically reminiscent of the Art Nouveau floral style, is a fascinating journey into the past, nostalgically evoking a forgotten era of life. Explore this green treasure, where history and nature intertwine in a spell of timeless elegance.

Lungolago di Lugano

Giardino Belvedere e Lungolago di Lugano

The Belvedere Garden, a peaceful retreat in the heart of Lugano with a surface area of 11,000 square metres, offers an enchanting oasis of beauty and serenity along the lakeside promenade. The walk starts from the charming “Rivetta Guglielmo Tell” terrace overlooking the lake, located at the main entrance to the Parco Ciani. This magical place combines natural beauty with tranquillity, creating a unique experience of peace in the city..

Trekking in Lugano

Welcome to the hiking paradise!

With over 900 kilometers of trails, the Lugano region offers a breathtaking experience for all hiking enthusiasts. From simple trails to challenging routes, the wide variety of options winds through unique landscapes, promising satisfaction for both beginners and experienced hikers. 

Get ready to explore the beauty of Lugano’s trails! 


km of trails


hiking trails proposed by Lugano Region


Thematic trails to discover the characteristics of the area

Hiking Monte Brè Lugano

Monte Brè

Start from the Gandria Landing Stage at 276 m and conquer the summit of Monte Brè at 915 m: a difference in altitude of 639 m that underlines the exciting physical effort of this excursion.

Ready for the challenge?

Monte Generoso

The Panoramic Peak of Canton Ticino at 1704 m a.s.l. From Rovio to Mendrisio, from Castel San Pietro to the Muggio Valley, explore the hiking trails to admire the enchanting view from the Apennines to the Alps. A journey through nature and breathtaking views!

Choose the trail that fits for you!

Explore over 80 unique hiking trails on the Lugano Region site. Find the perfect itinerary for you, suitable for your passions and fitness.

Discover the beauty of Lugano’s landscapes at a trekking pace!

Lake of Lugano

In addition to Lugano, the picturesque towns on the shores of Lake Ceresio offer unforgettable experiences.

Embark on a boat excursion, combining the trip with exciting local attractions or a delicious lunch in a traditional grotto.

A perfect way to fully enjoy a different day and relax.

Find out more on Lugano Region website!

From April to October there are many boat excursions that you can choose from and that touch characteristic villages such as Gandria and Porlezza on one side and Morcote, Capolago, Porto Ceresio and Ponte Tresa on the other.

Download the timetable of the boats of!

Lido di Lugano welcomes you with a beautiful beach of fine sand on Lake Ceresio and swimming pools with trampolines up to 10 meters high.

Relax in the lake water or join parties and aperitifs with your friends.

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With manicured landscapes, shady paths and peaceful oases of peace, the parks offer an ideal retreat to regenerate in harmony with nature.

Here are the most beautiful parks in Lugano:

  • Parco Ciani
  • Parco villa Saroli
  • Parco Tassino
  • Parco San Michele
  • Parco Villa florida
  • Giardino Belvedere e lungolago di Lugano

For information on hiking trails and all the main activities to do in Lugano, visit the Lugano Region website and live a complete experience in the region!

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