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Discovering the authentic flavours of the Lugano region from traditional grotti to the most popular culinary gems in town.

Flavours of Lugano

Local products and recipes

Are you living in Lugano? Discover typical products and learn more about Km0 flavours to suit all tastes.

Restaurants & grotto

Lugano has numerous restaurants, four of which have been awarded stars. If you are looking for tradition, visit the various grotti in the region.

Wine cellars and breweries

Discover the selection provided by Lugano Region with more than 30 wine cellars and breweries to explore.

The grotto tradition

The grotto, in Ticino ül grott, is a typical venue in southern Switzerland, once used as a cellar to store local agricultural products. It is a rustic building generally made of stone, where you can almost always find the characteristic stone table and enjoy traditional local Ticino cuisine.

What to eat at the grotto: salami, grilled meat with the traditional ‘puntine’, risotto, polenta with braised beef, cheese, soup, bread cake, etc. Discover some traditional recipes here.

What to drink at the grotto: Ticino Gazzosa and Merlot wine from the typical Ticino boccalino.

A curiosity: in Pazzallo-Lugano, Grotto Morchino was the destination of the famous writer Hermann Hesse, who wrote ‘Klingsor’s Last Summer’ there in 1919.

Street Food at Lugano

Throughout the year, Lugano offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy traditional, modern and international flavours, served directly in the city’s squares as part of the popular street food culture.

Some appointments to enjoy in the public squares:

Longlake Lugano, offerta Street Food Summer 2024 city centre

Street Food Lugano: 6-8 Sept. 2024 Campo Marzio Lugano

Festa d’Autunno Lugano: 4-6 Oct. 2024 city centre

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