Budget and conventions

Explore Lugano with customized budget solutions. We offer cost of living estimates to give you an idea of your experience in the city. Please note, the figures provided are approximate and may vary based on your individual circumstances.


MyLugano is a city app that uses LVGA: a blockchain-based local payment token, to incentivize and support local spending. Users, using the app, receive a discount of up to 10% on each purchase at participating stores, called cashback, paid into LVGA directly from the merchant.

This cashback can be used for subsequent purchases in the city, promoting a virtuous cycle in the local economy.

The app provides a constantly updated list of merchant partners and facilities that accept payments and offer cashback in LVGA, which currently include stores, pharmacies, bars, restaurants, leisure attractions, schools and more, with about 400 current partners.

Main expenses


The monthly rent for a shared single room or studio apartment usually ranges between CHF 450 and CHF 1200. Remember to check whether ancillary costs such as heating, hot water, electricity, and TV fee are included in the rent. Some real estate portals and websites offer cheaper solutions for students!


It is suggested that you consider a monthly expenditure of about CHF 450 for food. However, it is important to keep in mind that this amount can fluctuate depending on your food preferences and lifestyle. Some universities in Lugano offer deals with pizzerias and cafes; check your university’s webpage to find out if you qualify for these discounts!

Public transportation

A monthly expenditure of about CHF 100-200 is recommended for the use of public transportation. Young people under the age of 20 and students under the age of 27 will be eligible for a 50% subsidy. To apply for the subsidy, go to PostBus, SBB and LPT outlets by presenting: ID, proof of education and residence permit.

Extra expenses to know

For internet connection it is advisable to calculate a fee of CHF 30-50 per apartment. 

The cost of a Swiss Sim varies depending on the chosen tariff plan. The cost is around CHF 20-100 for a plan that includes Internet, unlimited calls and text messages in Switzerland. 

If you are a USI or SUPSI student, you can subscribe to a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription with the Usi Sport service. You can attend classes and group lessons or access a gym room with high quality Technogym machines. 

FUS provides two gyms on the university campus for its students: the Tone Athletic Centre, which includes an outdoor and indoor sports court, and the Tone Fitness Centre, which is currently being completed and is equipped with the latest Technogym machines.

Want to know more about sport activities in Lugano? Check the Sport page 

Conventions for students

The universities of Lugano are committed to making the students’ experience not only educational, but also enriching from a social and cultural point of view. To facilitate the life of students and make their academic career more complete, all the universities of Lugano offer a series of discounts and conventions in different sectors.

Students can take advantage of special discounts in various bars and restaurants of other numerous conventions with car parks and hotels.

For sports lovers, discounts are available for access to sports centers and discounts on seasonal sports activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

To discover all the opportunities and benefits offered by individual universities, we invite you to consult the official website of your university.

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Do you need a computer?

The City of Lugano, through the eQuiD project, promotes the collection, regeneration and free distribution of used computers from companies and institutions.

The aim is to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly devices to citizens. Lugano residents can request a PC from eQuiD if they need a used computer instead of a new one.

Companies, institutions and individuals can contribute by donating fixed and portable computers, screens, mice and keyboards in good condition through the online form provided by the City of Lugano.

All donated equipment must be in working order and in good condition.

Digital Point: request a free digital consultation!

The Digital Point, which was set up in November 2022, offers free assistance to those who have difficulties with the daily use of digital devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Anyone who needs help can make an appointment by calling +41 58 866 74 10 or by sending an e-mail to puntodigitale@lugano.ch.

The initiative aims to support those unfamiliar with technology by providing individual assistance and guidance in learning the necessary digital skills.

My experience

The answer to your questions

The cost of a sandwich and a drink in Lugano can vary depending on where you buy it and the specific type of sandwich and drink you choose. In general, the price can vary from 6 CHF to 10 CHF.

The price of a coffee can be around 2 CHF to 3 CHF

However, it is important to note that prices may vary depending on the specific location, the type of café or restaurant, and the quality of the coffee served.

In general, the price of a beer in a bar or pub can vary from about 5 CHF to 10 CHF, depending on the brand and type of beer.

As for cocktails, prices can vary from about 10 CHF to 20 CHF or more, depending on the type of cocktail, the ingredients used and the location.

If you are a USI or SUPSI student, you can take out a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription with the Usi Sport service. You can take part in courses and group lessons or access a gymnasium with high-quality Technogym machines.

Le università inoltre offrono sconti e convenzioni con diversi centri sportivi.

Consulta la pagina web dedicata della tua università!

To obtain LVGAs, you must activate your card within the MyLugano app and receive an initial credit corresponding to the CHF paid for the card purchase.

You can also purchase LVGA by credit card through the “Wallet” section of the app.

Later, you can obtain additional LVGAs through cashback at participating shops or by purchasing tickets for events with cashback.

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