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In Lugano you can experience an excellent quality of life, stability, security and urban innovation in a context of hospitality and international openness, enriched by the city's vibrant multilingual culture.

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Located at the heart of Europe and with international connections through a highly efficient transport network, Lugano represents the essence of Swiss quality, recognised and appreciated globally. Lugano offers a unique territory with an Alpine landscape and Mediterranean colours, surrounded by lakes and hills, with a historical-artistic heritage recognised by UNESCO and an active cultural life.







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Get to know Lugano's public administration

The Municipality, elected every four years, is the executive body of the City of Lugano and consists of seven members.
The Municipality of Lugano is located at the Civic Palace in Piazza Riforma 1 in the center of Lugano.
The mayor of Lugano is Michele Foletti.
The official website of Lugano is www.lugano.ch

The administration of the City of Lugano is organized into seven Departments divided into Divisions that work in synergy:
Department of Institutions
Department of Culture, Sport, and Events
Department of Education, Support, and Social Affairs
Department of Consultancy and Management
Department of Security and Urban Spaces
Department of Territorial Development
Department of Properties

City Statistics study on the quality of life by the UST – Federal Statistical Office.
At this link, an excerpt from the City Statistics 2024 – Quality of life in cities.

Lugano has received an Aa3 rating from Moody’s, indicating a very high credit quality and reflecting the city’s ability to effectively manage its finances and fulfill its financial obligations.
Learn more about the financial evolution of the City of Lugano

  • The City of Lugano, through the Division of Culture, has implemented the Culture and Health project, conceived as part of the three-year partnership between the Division of Culture and the IBSA Foundation for scientific research. The project is based on a growing body of scientific and clinical evidence, adopted by the WHO World Health Organization. It was created to promote initiatives and synergies between the world of culture and health to improve the quality of life and well-being of people in healthcare settings, cultural venues, and everyday life. Among the project actions is the joint realization with the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) of the first university course in Switzerland on Culture and Health at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, which in the academic year 2024-2025 will be in its fourth edition. The course is open to the public and is thematic, involving leading international experts as keynote speakers and each year sees the partnership with a different city cultural institution.
  • The Division of Culture and Franklin University Switzerland have signed a collaboration protocol for the realization of study and research projects in the field of culture management and marketing to support cultural mediation activities and the enhancement of the city’s historical and artistic heritage, in line with the needs and objectives set by the Division of Culture from time to time. Within the framework of the agreement, initiated in 2021, workshops on topics related to digital culture tourism and museums have been realized. Discover the Lugano Dance Project
  • Since 2008, the Culture Division has also collaborated on several levels with SUPSI’s degree course Conservation and Restoration, and is a partner in the “Resta di stucco” project to make the works created by Ticino stucco workers throughout Europe known to the general public. Again with SUPSI, it has collaborated with the Department of Environment, Construction and Design to create the quadrilingual website www.culturaesalute.ch, which collects research, good practices, and artistic and cultural projects implemented for the physical and psychological well-being of people and communities.

Lugano Living Lab is the open innovation laboratory spread throughout the city area of the City of Lugano, created in partnership with the USI Università della Svizzera italiana. Lugano Living Lab involves a wide partnership of public and private actors interested in growing the local innovation ecosystem.

The City of Lugano, through its urban laboratory Lugano Living Lab, is the winner of the prestigious IEEE 2023 Smart City Award with its city app project MyLugano. The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) is the world’s leading organization in the field of electrical and electronic engineering and information technologies.

Interact in the city with the City​

Discover new ways of sharing experiences, advice, and useful information for living in Lugano​

Chat with local experts​

A consultancy service from the community for the community with the MyLugano app. You can consult local experts to request information on how the MyLugano city app works and to receive advice on Lugano that only true locals can give.

Live consultancy

A live consultancy service offered by the City of Lugano. During office hours, you can request a video consultation directly from the City of Lugano’s website or the MyLugano app, or chat live with the City’s operators.

Virtual assistance

An ideal service for those seeking immediate feedback 24/7.
Interact with the virtual assistant Lucy or via the chat in the MyLugano city app if you need information, suggestions on places to visit, shops, etc.

Consultation at the counter

Ideal for those who prefer to receive support in person. Visit one of the three Puntocittà in Lugano to take advantage of personalized assistance.

Are you familiar with the history of Lugano?

Explore Lugano Cultura, the portal of the City of Lugano that brings together descriptive sheets of manuscript and iconographic documents preserved in the Historical Archive of the City, objects exhibited in the Luganese Historical Museum until 1963, protected cultural assets, and widespread heritage.

The coat of arms of Lugano

The letters “LVGA” in the coat of arms of Lugano, often subject to myths like the legend of a fifth Roman legion, are actually just an abbreviation of the city’s name. Experts like Emilio Motta and Gastone Cambin have debunked such narratives, highlighting how these interpretations lack historical-scientific basis and emphasizing the practical use of abbreviations in the coat of arms to differentiate it.

Do you want to learn a new language while studying in Lugano?

To enhance language learning opportunities through personal interactions, USI provides students and staff with the free platform Language-learning tandem – eTandem.

This platform offers the possibility to post ads for requests and offers for language tandems: a methodology that promotes voluntary collaboration between people with different languages, facilitating mutual learning through conversation.

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